Heat Exchanger Plate 5 x 12 x 40 plates 250000 btu
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Heat Exchanger Plate 5 x 12 x 40 plates 250000 btu

Product Code: TJ-BL26C-40



The brazed plate heat exchanger is a compact, high performance, continuous flow heat exchanger of the water/water or glycol (heating antifreeze) type, with MNPT ports. Units are 316L stainless steel, copper brazed.

The brazed plate heat exchanger is one of the types of heat exchangers that is increasingly used in industry. It is composed of many plates arranged in the shape of a yarrow and separated from each other by a space of a few millimeters where the fluids circulate.

The plates are not flat but have a corrugated surface according to a very specific pattern in order to create a turbulent flow synonymous with a more efficient heat transfer and to distribute the fluids over the entire exchange surface. The more plates there are, the greater the exchange surface and the more efficient the exchanger.

A brazed plate heat exchanger is a device for transferring thermal energy from one fluid to another without mixing them. The thermal flux crosses the exchange surface which separates the fluids. The advantage of the exchanger lies in the separation of the two circuits and in the absence of other exchanges than heat, keeping each fluid's physicochemical characteristics unchanged (pressure, concentration of chemical elements, etc.) except of course their temperature and/or condition.


Radiant floor (water/glycol), hot water, non-pressurized boiler connection to an existing pressurized boiler, snow melting, cooling etc...

Plate heat exchanger selection chartPlate heat exchanger selection chart

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